Dua Lipa’s Checkered Chrome Nails Have A Colorful Twist

From sweet pastel French tips and her epic gold chrome manicure at this year’s Grammys, to ’70s-inspired lava lamp nails and beyond — artist and icon Dua Lipa has quickly become the nail art queen that beauty fans love and deserve. And her latest manicure moment that’s giving every bit of cool-girl inspiration needed this … Read more

Some of the planet’s most colorful autumn leaf displays are visible from space

It’s one thing to drive along a quiet street and gaze at the explosion of rich colors that autumn leaves grace much of the nation as the trees begin their transition toward winter. It’s another thing to see them… from space! Some areas of the planet are so enriched with deciduous trees that colorful displays … Read more

Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta Hands-On Preview: A Colorful Punish Combo

When it comes to fighting games, Street Fighter is considered royalty. There’s a reason for that. While series like Tekken and Soul Calibur have their own high points, dedicated audiences and excellent rosters, Street Fighter is the undeniable champ in terms of overall cultural influence and hype levels whenever another entry is announced. The latest … Read more

Make your desk a little more colorful with this 8-core iMac 24-inch deal at Amazon|replace({“|”:”\|”})

The iMac 24-inch is a very colorful computer, and one loved for not only its sleek design but also its surprising processing oomf. The 8-core version here will buzz through all but the heaviest of workloads and make light work of most people’s average use. This deal makes them a whole lot more affordable, too, … Read more

How octogenarian brothers’ colorful posters went global

NEW YORK (AP) — For years, Miguel and Carlos Cevallos made a living by drawing posters for neighborhood nightclubs, taco… NEW YORK (AP) — For years, Miguel and Carlos Cevallos made a living by drawing posters for neighborhood nightclubs, taco trucks and restaurants in Queens, painting in the businesses’ basements or on their tables and … Read more

Jodie Turner-Smith impresses in a colorful dress during the Riget Exodus (premiere in Venice)

Jodie Turner-Smith and Alessandra Ambrosio both radiated elegance on Thursday as they graced the red carpet of the premiere of Riget Exodus (The Kingdom Exodus) during day two of the 79th Venice International Film Festival. British actress Jodie, 35, looked ravishing in a multicolored dress with a dramatic train embellished with a string of sparkling … Read more

This colorful Hubble dreamscape is sculpted by newborn stars

The image from the Hubble Space Telescope shared this week is particularly dreamy and stunning, showing the bright colors and soft shapes of a Herbig-Haro object called HH 505. These nebula-like objects are formed from young, energetic stars, which give off jets of ionized gas which collide with clouds of dust and gas. “Herbig-Haro objects … Read more

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