The Traditional Aussie Pub Is Alive And Drinking Across Perth » WhatsNew2Day

The traditional Aussie pub is alive and drinking across Perth Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to Share! “It’s very competitive in Fremantle, which is why classic old pubs like Norfolk have had to double down and stick to their knitwear,” says Gossati. “It’s not that we’re in fashion or out of style. … Read more

How Bruce Lee died from drinking too much water: researchers

Doctors believe they have discovered the mystery behind the brain swelling that caused Bruce Lee’s death. The legendary martial artist and actor died in Hong Kong on July 20, 1973, at the age of 32 from brain swelling – from what doctors now say was caused by drinking too much water, reports the New York … Read more

Gorillaz’s Murdoc Niccals on tour secrets and dream drinking partner

Gorillaz gear up to host a live masterclass with Smirnoff Virtual sensation Gorillaz’s frontman Murdoc Niccals has let slip the band’s green room must-haves as well as his dream dead drinking buddy. When it comes to tour riders, the sky’s the limit and English alternative rock band Gorillaz were intent on testing just how far … Read more

Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Saturday, Jim Irsay, coach, head coach, no experience, drinking buddy, April fools joke, Frank Reich, insulting, Joe Thomas

A retired NFL star has slammed Indianapolis’ “insulting” decision to hire ex-Pro Bowler Jeff Saturday as its new coach, claiming it was a job gifted to owner Jim Irsay’s “drinking buddy”. The NFL world was left in shock when the Colts declared Saturday as its new head coach – despite having no top level experience. … Read more

Bono woke up in White House Lincoln Bedroom after drinking with Obama

Whoops! (Picture: Getty) Bono has recalled his eventful experience of drinking cocktails with Barack Obama at the White House, and it’s safe to say taking a kip in the Lincoln Bedroom wasn’t how he planned it to go. The Irish singer-songwriter and U2 frontman opened up about his experience of falling asleep in the US … Read more

Kevin Nash Reveals His Son Died Of A Heart Attack As A Result Of A Seizure While Trying To Stop Drinking » WhatsNew2Day

Professional wrestling icon Kevin Nash has revealed that his son Tristen’s death was caused by a seizure-induced heart attack, which he believes was the result of trying to stop drinking cold turkey. Tristen, 26, died last week, acknowledged the family in a statement and gave no further information. But on Sunday’s episode of his new … Read more

Friends’ Jennifer Aniston confronted Matthew Perry about drinking

Jennifer Aniston supported Matthew Perry in his darkest times (Picture: ABC/Getty) Matthew Perry has revealed that it was Jennifer Aniston who confronted him about his drinking while the pair were starring in Friends together.  The actor, 53, has candidly shared his struggles with alcohol in his new memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, … Read more

Woman killed her friend in car crash after drinking and taking cocaine

Alicia Brunskill (left) and Alex Nicholson (right) had been out at the pub before the accident (Pictures: Cumbria Police) A woman who killed her best friend in a crash while driving drunk and high on cocaine has been jailed. Alex Nicholson, 26, got behind the wheel of a mate’s car on May 26 last year, … Read more

Two UCLA students sue alumni summer camp after forced drinking, sexual assault, ‘dangerous’ hazing

Two University of California students, who were hired to work as counselors for a summer camp for UCLA alumni, are now suing Bruin Camp after they were allegedly subjected to violent hazing and abuse. Samea Derrick, 19, and Lydia Dixon, 20, were two of some 53 UCLA student counselors, including about 30 new counselors and … Read more

Brandy Supports Ray J After Concerning Messages, Singer Was Drinking

Brandy join fans in supporting Ray J after a series of concerning messages. In recent years and rightfully so, a special spotlight has been placed on mental health. This also applies to the super-demanding world of entertainment. That’s why fans immediately raised concern after Ray J posted a series of cryptic posts alluding to suicide. … Read more

Benefits Of Boiling Onion And Drinking The Water In Moderation on a regular basis

The usefulness of onions cannot be disputed, despite the fact that some individuals find them unpleasant. Both fiber and antioxidants are abundant in them. Onions are a good source of several nutrients, including vitamins B and C, sulphur, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and manganese, and they only have about 45 calories per 100g. By consuming … Read more

Andrew Gaze condemns heavy drinking at Brownlow Medal, Patrick Cripps

Australian basketball legend Andrew Gaze has condemned the behaviour of AFL footballers during Sunday evening’s Brownlow Medal, claiming the excessive alcohol consumption set a poor example for children. During the end-of-season ceremony at Crown Casino, AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan was forced to repeatedly ask the rowdy attendees to quieten down so he could continue … Read more

Drinking tea may lower risk of diabetes, heart disease and death

Mounting evidence suggests that drinking several cups of tea per day has numerous health benefits, including lowering one’s risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and overall mortality. The newest research on the subject, a review of 19 studies, will be presented at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes’s annual meeting next week. The … Read more

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