Lady Gaga hilariously called out for making a fake Instagram Boomerang

Lady Gaga is a true millennial. The pop star was called out by Gen Zers on Tuesday for making a fake Instagram Boomerang video while promoting the Black Friday sale for her Haus Labs cosmetics brand. Gaga, 36, tried to recreate a Boomerang — a short video clip that plays on a loop — showing … Read more

People Are Starting to Get Really Annoyed by ‘Quiet Quitting’

In the beginning, there was “quiet quitting.” And it was good. Burned-out Gen Zers and Millennials across the country stopped over-extending themselves at work to take more time for mental health. The Tik Tok trend then morphed into a series of offshoots, including quiet firing, quiet hiring, and fast quitting. But now, some in the … Read more

Where Gen Z and Millennials Split on Brand Love

Because people have unique preferences and different dispositions, it’s sometimes unwise for marketers to lump consumers into a certain target group based on age. But because culture and technology are rapidly changing from one generation to the next–something that hasn’t been the case throughout history–sometimes it’s not. Consider a new report on Gen Z’s favorite…

Millennials ‘taking over’ from boomers in voter demographics

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says millennials are “taking over” from boomers in the electoral roll, with Gen X “wedged in the middle”. According to RedBridge polling, millennials make up 36 per cent of the voters’ roll in Victoria for 2022. Meanwhile, boomers dropped from 56 per cent in 2012 to 38 per cent … Read more

Millennials Won the Great Resignation. Now They’re Losing the Big Firing.

Millennials were big drivers of the Great Resignation, seeking out better and higher-paying roles. After weathering the Great Recession and the pandemic, millennials jumped at the chance to job switch for a better deal. But now data from Revelio Labs and show that millennials are being the most laid off. Loading Something is loading. … Read more

Gen Z and millennials get their news from the paper, and Nextdoor

Gen Z and millennials get their news from the paper, and Nextdoor

Some may discredit Gen Z and millennials for being oblivious to current events when the reality is that 79% consume news daily, and a third pay out-of-pocket for news subscriptions. A New Media Insight Project survey looked at the media consumption habits of 16- to 40-year-olds and found that young people are not only tapped … Read more

6 Key Trends That Will Change How You Do Business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The rate of new business formation exploded during the pandemic. Entrepreneurs responded to the immense opportunities they saw as the economy underwent a seismic shift. Recently, the World Bank announced that we are entering a period of 1970s-style stagflation, with stagnant growth and high inflation. Those who … Read more

Millennials and Gen Zs are renting U-Hauls for hot date nights

In celebration of their one-year wedding anniversary in July, New York newlyweds Jessica Johnston, 29, and husband Dom Rand, 34, decided to take a trip they’d never forget — and went viral in the process. Rather than book an overpriced flight during one of the most chaotic travel summers on record, or waste money on expensive … Read more

Here’s What’s Driving the Trend of Self-Made Gen Z and Millennial Millionaires

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The media paints a very bleak picture when it comes to the financial prospects of young people. But there is another story that needs to be told — one of a new generation of self-made millionaires. Yes, millennials and Gen Zers are facing some unique challenges. They’re … Read more

Soaring interest rates mean owning a home is ‘in another universe’ for millennials and Gen-Z

Owning a home is “in another universe” for Generation Z and millennials as interest rates soar amid a crippling cost-of-living crisis. “I earn a decent wage but it’s still not enough,” according to Dan Ager, 26, who fears he will never get onto the property ladder despite working hard to go to university and get … Read more

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