ARIAs 2022 ceremony live: Winners, speeches and highlights

The 2022 ARIA Awards are underway at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, with Aussie music legend Natalie Imbruglia taking on hosting duties this year. But it’s been a surprisingly under-rehearsed ceremony so far, with presenters missing their cues and wandering off stage before their duties are finished, as the show’s two backstage hosts flounder. Two of the … Read more

Paul Hogan roast: Tom Gleeson’s most brutal jokes

Crocodile Dundee star and Aussie icon Paul Hogan copped a savage roasted during a celeb-filled TV special on Seven on Tuesday night. Celebs including Ketti-Anne Kennerley, Ernie Dingo, Shane Jacobson and John Paul Young lined up to poke some good-natured fun at the acting veteran, who was on stage to bask in all the barbed … Read more

American Music Awards 2023: Best dressed on the red carpet

Bad Bunny, Taylor Swift and Beyonce are leading the nominations at this year’s American Music Awards, taking place in Los Angeles today. The awards – which don’t air here in Australia – will see performances by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Icon award recipient Lionel Richie and Pink, who is expected to perform a touching … Read more

The Block auction day results: Omar and Oz win, teams get nothing

One team are instant millionaires, this year’s favourites have earned a comparatively tiny amount – and two teams went home with nothing at all in what has been the most chaotic finale in Block history. Friends Omar and Oz emerged as the winners of The Block’s ‘Treechange’ season, earning by far the biggest win in … Read more

The Block auction day results: Omar and Oz break records

The first two results at this year’s Block auctions made for a dramatic start to the season finale, with one team taking home the biggest profit in Block history – and another earning a pittance. Season-long favourites Tom and Sarah-Jane had earned the right to pick the auction order in Sunday’s finale, and they put … Read more

The Block auction day results: Danny Wallis buys three houses

For the third year in a row, one man has bought three of the houses available at The Block’s auction – and this year, he quite literally saved the day. Eccentric multi-millionaire Wallis emerged from this year’s finale as the auctions’ sole buyer, with the two houses he didn’t buy being passed on entirely. It … Read more

The Block finale: Scott Cam ‘screaming at real estate agents’ during auction

The Block host Scott Cam has given fans of the show a dramatic preview of tonight’s finale, revealing that viewers will see him “screaming” at the show’s real estate agents. Cam appeared on the Today show this morning to chat about this year’s Block auctions – which took place in Gisborne, Victoria yesterday, but are … Read more

The Block host Scott Cam reveals rogue move Nine won’t let him pull

As The Block contestants go to auction in the most difficult market conditions the show has faced in years, host Scott Cam has revealed that he and the team behind the show are also nervously fretting to see if all five houses sell this weekend. Speaking on Today this morning, Cam said The Block was … Read more

The Block’s super-sized Gisborne homes are overstuffed

We finally got a proper look at this year’s five finished Block homes in all their glory this week, as the contestants finished landscaping their expansive properties ahead of this weekend’s auction. But one word came to my mind when looking at several of the properties: Overstuffed. It pains me to say it as they’ve … Read more

The Block stars Sharon and Ankur come last for landscaping week

The Block contestants Sharon and Ankur had a dismal showing during this season’s final round of judging, with the judges savaging their efforts for landscaping week – and a clearly irritated Scott Cam publicly calling them out for leaving their build unfinished. Cam noted that, while all the contestants had elements they still needed to … Read more

The Block: Oz and Omar’s screen slammed by judges

A design hack lauded by Block host Scott Cam as a “genius” move last week copped an instant lashing from the judges during Monday night’s landscaping reveals. The Block contestants Omar and Oz thought they’d come up with an ingenious way to hide their house’s large outdoor water tanks from view. Their team mounted a … Read more

The Block host Scott Cam wants to change the show’s rules

The Block host Scott Cam revealed in a recent interview that he’s considering extreme action to stop some of the mistakes of this season ever happening again. Speaking to The Block colleague Shelley Craft for a recent episode of the show’s official podcast, Cam said he was frustrated by some teams’ spending habits, and wanted … Read more

The Block: Sharon and Ankur’s carpenter bails on second-last day

The Block teams raced to put the finishing touches on their mammoth properties during Sunday’s episode, with just one day to go until host Scott Cam would call “tools down” for the final time this season. But amid all the chaos, one tense scene between Sharon and Ankur and their carpenter Scotty showed just how … Read more

The Block star Rachel caught lying to bestie Sarah-Jane

The Block contestants Rachel and Sarah-Jane have forged arguably the closest friendship the show’s seen in years – but a competition is still a competition. And with the season down to its final few episodes, Rachel found herself in the uncomfortable position of having to lie to her Block bestie, turning down her plea for … Read more

The Block host Scott Cam’s Southern Cross skylight slammed

For the first time in the show’s history, The Block host Scott Cam has been constructing a house of his own this season, working alongside the five teams of contestants toiling away in Gisborne, Victoria. Qualified chippie Cam and his team have leaned into the existing property’s country charm to create a stunning new home, … Read more

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