What’s Lost in Bruce Springsteen’s Soul Covers

What is it about reaching their 70s that makes great songwriters want to sing old songs they didn’t write? Paul McCartney reached backwards to pre-Beatles music and released an album of mostly Tin Pan Alley ditties, slipping in a couple of originals in the same style, in 2012, the year he turned 70. Bob Dylan … Read more

Noel McKoy dead: Legendary soul singer dies aged 62

His voice was synonymous with soul (Picture: Redferns) Soul musician Noel McKoy has died at the age of 62. No cause of death has been announced for the London-born star, but representatives confirmed the sad news to Metro.co.uk, sharing that they are in ‘in shock.’ McKoy’s career began with humble beginnings in a school band … Read more

Singer-turned-pastor, Soul E Baba Shares Reason Many Ladies Remain Single ‣ Kuri007 Detail Explored

Singer-turned-pastor, Soul E Baba Shares Reason Many Ladies Remain Single ‣ Kuri007– #Singerturnedpastor #Soul #Baba #Shares #Reason #Ladies #Remain #Single #Kuri007 Nigerian singer turned pastor, Soul E Baba has shared his opinion on why he thinks many women has remained single. The 38-year-old former singer opined that almost all instances, God sends married males to … Read more

For a Herschel Walker win, evangelicals are willing to sell their soul

The devil went down to Georgia this week, and he was surprised to find that white evangelicals had already beat him to soul stealing. This time, though, no amount of good fiddle playing is going to make the state’s evangelical voters let go of Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, an anti-abortion rights candidate accused of … Read more

The Battle for the Soul of the Web

Recently, at a fancy arts complex in Manhattan, the billionaire Frank McCourt led a three-day series of talks and workshops about the future of the internet—part of his expensive effort to “fix technology, save democracy.” In the lobby, attendees networked in a cocktail bar created by the superstar restaurateur Danny Meyer; in front of the … Read more

NFL’s Eagles Tap Philly’s Soul With Poster Playlist Project

Philadelphia has Matisse on its museum walls, Rodin by its roadside, and Keith Haring adorning its rowhomes. It’s exported jazz, doo-wop, hardcore, hip-hop and at least two brands of soul music to the world. Its streets contain an embarrassing surplus of art and music schools, galleries, venues and creative communities that keep it a cultural…

Panini Comics announces a mangaka in Lucca: Atsushi Okubo from Soul Eater and Fire Force arrives

Panini Comics announces a mangaka in Lucca: Atsushi Okubo from Soul Eater and Fire Force arrives Lucca Comics and Games 2022 is approaching, one of the most important Italian events dedicated to comics and the nerd world in general. The program of the edition is taking shape more and more and it is also time … Read more

Pinocchio review: There’s no soul to Disney’s live-action remake

Did you know Tom Hanks is meant to be a good guy? With a reputation as one of the most genuinely nicest people in Hollywood, Hanks has embodied an almost old-fashioned ideal of American decency both on and off screen. His public persona as America’s dad dovetails with his choice of roles as heroes staring … Read more

Pastors battle skyrocketing burnout amid politics, pandemic: ‘Wearing on the soul’

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Bitter divisions over politics and the pandemic have seeped into churches and led to increasing rates of job burnout among pastors, multiple clergy members and those who counsel them told Fox News Digital. “Our faith does not exempt us from anxiety, depression, temptation or COVID, so that’s … Read more

Feehery: Biden’s disgraceful speech is proof that only divided government can heal nation’s soul

Last week’s “Red Wedding” speech, in which President Biden rhetorically butchered every MAGA-loving Donald Trump supporter in the spirit of the famous “Game of Thrones” episode, was a national disgrace and will go down in history as one of worst national addresses ever made by a president. What’s the strategy behind the Biden campaign to … Read more

Biden ‘soul of the nation’ speech brought to you by Trump

Republicans have been up in arms lately over recent remarks President Joe Biden made characterizing the MAGA movement as “semi-fascism.” Listening to Republicans whine, you’d think the suggestion was either A) inaccurate, and B) new.  And it’s neither. In Thursday’s speech, Biden detailed how “MAGA Republicans,” as he calls them, have sought to strip Americans … Read more

Biden delivers prime-time address on ‘soul of the nation’

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT An independent review should inspire more confidence in the system, says attorney 08:23 Petro Poroshenko: Everyone in Ukraine now is a soldier 04:23 House Dems ask DNI to asses documents from Mar-a-Lago for security threats 05:12 Senators return … Read more

Regina Hall & Sterling K. Brown’s Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul Movie Review

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul — set to debut in theaters and on Peacock Sept. 2 — is one of the year’s best films, a cutting satire that shifts effortlessly from hilarious to heartbreaking. The feature film debut of Adamma Ebo and a great showcase for the litany of Regina Hall and Sterling K. … Read more

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